In Winter
I go to the top of the mountain,
Lying on the hood of my car, reaching out
To touch the stars an arms length away,
Shards of crystal embedded in black velvet.
Cold causes all things to become
Suddenly denser and more refined,
All objects more sharply defined,
In their stillness grown more weighty,
Their “isness” more evident.

Lying there immobile,
I surrender to the spirit of the cold,
A frigid lover entering the well of my soul.
And at the center of my being
I join his stillness in ecstatic union.

As the constellation of my inward parts
Joins in solemn dance the beings in the sky,
Their weightless dance of harmonious gentleness
As deep as velvet sky caressing the earth,
Echoes in my solitary figure clad in blankets,
Sparking warmth into my wintry heart.

Be loved,



5 Responses to “WINTER SOLSTICE”

  1. Kalvin Says:

    Sounds like an asencion into nirvana or a slipping into the om. Sounds lovely, it reminds me of this book where this woman with cancer would go swimming in a near freezing lake and feel like she had become a part of the lake herself and freed from her body but still a part of her body…

  2. Alex Says:

    Beautiful… Can feel with you reaching out for the stars….
    Although I never really experience winter solstice like you guys, (I’m near the Equator) I still celebrate it as part of my Chinese culture. 😛

  3. Foxy Stone Says:

    the seven sisters, climbing toward the zenith, orion chashing them still

  4. Bruce Says:

    Sorry, Daniel. I can’t get romantic about the cold. I count the days until the spring, when the Sun regains its power to warm us. I could never understand people’s fascination with winter, with its ice and cold and darkness.

  5. matty Says:

    Happy Holidays, Sweetie!
    kisses from GayTown,

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