Happy Boxing Day!

The day after Christmas is Boxing Day, a legal holiday in most of the British world.
No one knows how it got it’s start. But it basically is about giving to those who have less than you.
Some people think it started when the Lord of the Manor would box up the leftovers from the big Christmas banquet to give the servants when they took their holiday, December 26. I guess the modern day parallel would be a nice Christmas bonus from our bosses. I got a Christmas card with a twenty dollar bill stuck inside. That puts me twenty dollars ahead of the game.
So here’s to a Happy Boxing Day for all!
You wouldn’t expect me to ignore the obvious tie in, would you?

These fellows are observing Boxing Day together.

A little alcohol seems to encourage the cameraderie which is appropriate to the spirit of Boxing Day.

For some reason, this shot stirs a pensive mood. Who is this mysterious young man, and other than putting his clothes on, what is he doing?

Be loved,


Thanks, Jeff


8 Responses to “BOXING DAY”

  1. Foxy Stone Says:

    Boxers for Boxing Day. I am looking forward tp what you will put up on New Year’s Day?

  2. Ur-spo Says:

    boxing day may be a lot of things but your photos capture a nice variety thereto.

  3. matty Says:

    I used to spend Christmas in Montreal. I always dreaded Boxing Day because EVERYTHING was closed. So, it would just be the two of us stuck in the cheap hotel. No, not as exciting as it sounds. LOL! …it was so dull that day!

    We usually saw two movies.

    I like the pictures, tho!!!

  4. Mikey Says:

    In Nova Scotia, most things are closed on Boxing day. That may change in the coming year. Boxing day is the day that our family goes and visits friends and family.
    BTW I always heard the same story about the Lords of the Manor giving boxes full of gifts and leftovers to the servants the day after Christmas

  5. Shaney Says:

    Boxing day here is the day people get over the festive feast of Christmas, pack the car up and head off for the holidays…Traffic is usually chaos…And the retail outlets have there big sales, appropriately timed after everyone has paid full price for their Christmas gifts…So commercialised…I had the Boxing Day Blues…Does that count?

  6. Kalvin Says:

    Why do you say that he’s putting on the jeans instead of taking them off? Such a pessimist.

  7. Michael Guy Says:

    I’m sorta digging your take on “boxers” for Boxing Day. Methinks I will spend next December 26th in boxers all day long!

  8. jeff wietor Says:

    You’re welcome – and a blog-treasure ta boot.

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