Warning: The Following is a Rant.



Kate and Gerry McCann were vacationing at a swank hotel in Algarve, Portugal, with their 3 children. Dinner time rolled around, so Kate and Gerry left their children, all under the age of three, unattended in the hotel room while they went to eat. The hotel had a free child care service, but K and G didn’t want to bother with that. They spent a few carefree hours at a Tapas bar, checking on the kids every half hour or so. When they got back to their room, the oldest, the three year old Madeleine was gone.

Now we’re all supposed to get into an uproar over the fact that something happened. These people left three tiny children alone in hotel room while they went to a snack bar for dinner.

And the child’s disappearance is being hotly promoted as a news item.
Yes, it’s terrible when a child goes missing, but it really irks me that whenever a pretty white girl that’s missing, the newsmedia get’s all weepy for months on end. A man could be lying in a ditch with his head cut off, and it wouldn’t make the evening news.

And if a black child is missing, don’t even bother to call 911, because no one’s on the way.
When was the last time a missing black child got that much attention? I’ll tell you, never. It usually doesn’t even make the evening news.
In the year 2000, over 1,159 black kids went missing in the U.S. Not one made the national news.
In 2005, a Teen aged Dutch girl went missing in Aruba. Authorities are still conducting searches for her. Does anyone have the figures as to how many Aruban girls of color have gone missing since that time? No one has those figures, because no one cares enough to post that information.
But when a white child is missing, all the stops are pulled out in the search. It is now darkly assumed, on no evidence whatsoever, that pedophiles or Portugese grabbed her. After all, Portugese aren’t really white, just mostly white. One of the sources even goes so far as to say, “Blonde-haired and blue-eyed children are apparently desirable on the illegal child adoption market, and it will presumably be examined as a line of inquiry by police.” If this had taken place a century earlier, he would have said it more plainly, ” The darkies all hunger for our white women.”

The media is bending over backward to spare the feelings of parents who left three very small children in a hotel room unattended, so they could go out for dinner.

The parents should be booked for criminal child neglect.

And now, because the police have to arrest somebody quickly, they’re going to single out gays. Anyone who ever got picked up for getting a blow job in the park is fair game. If they were within a hundred miles of that hotel room, they’ll be picked up and given the third degree.

It’s SOP when the police can’t think of anything constructive to do,”Round up the usual suspects”. Find someone vulnerable and pin it on them.
We can do better than that.




  1. Jadakay Says:

    I get upset when I learn any child is missing. But keep in mind that the few times a black person has made the national news it’s usually not one of us decent black folks. It’s usually some baby mama whose boyfriend
    kilt hur and her children, yet the world is being asked to look for her, when everyone knows her boyfriend who just got out of prison killed her and her children. Even the case of the missing sisters I saw on Nancy Grace who have been missing for years…..Their mother has been caught in several lies and again there’s a just out of prison boyfriend around. So why start looking in Plainview TX when you know the kids bodies are in Chicago where the mama and her boyfriend live? I think as black folks we’ve got to stop just supporting folks because they’re black. Look at the Duke Fake Rape Case….Most of us black folks, especially sisters, KNEW she was lying, yet Jesse and Al were running to the white media getting them involved. Then when she turns out to be a lie, they whole white media and race ignores the pleas of black families who really need their help for someone who is really kidnapped or raped. Think about it, if 99% of the time these little blonde white kids had been killed by their mother’s boyfriend, do you think the world would be so alarmed and running to look for them all over the world? In my area when Laci Peterson went missing, there was a pregnant black baby mama who went missing. And folks were mad she didn’t make the national news. Her man was the key suspect right off the bat because he had just come out of prison. He was like 18 and she was like 24 or something. So to compare a married womane with a husband who had never been in trouble with a women dating a drug dealling teen. Of course we all looked for Laci because it was odd that she was missing. Well this is my response to your rant. Not sure if I’ll ever come across this rant site again, but it was fun.
    Take Care,

  2. Jadakay Says:

    Oh yeah and turns out the teenage gang banging boyfriend had killed the pregnant sister because he says she tricked him by getting pregnant on purpose. And turns out she did tell some folks she was going to get pregnant because the thug would make a “pretty baby”.

  3. Just Jock Says:

    The first thing that crossed my mind when I read this news was that NO ONE seemed to be upset that the parents had left the children alone while they partied. Hello? You have the entire world waah-waaahing and offering help and financial aid…celebrities are getting on the band wagain and yet…it is not mentioned that the parents are negligent. What is wrong with this picture?

    I’m not happy a child disappeared, but sweet Jesus in a jockstrap, they left small children ALONE. Shouldn’t they be held accountable?

    Honesty, it boggles the mind.

  4. charlesgeorgetaylor Says:

    My parents left me alone all the time when I was a kid. (I wasn’t really left alone, but with my two brothers). We were often left in the car when they went shopping at places like K-Mart and the supermarket. Nobody ever stole us, although I wished often that someone rich would come along and take me.

    It is tragic when white blonde haired kids go missing and its just as bad when a Black kid vanishes or a Mexican child is lost somewhere like inside a laundromat. I agree that it’s sick how the media covers the stories of the pretty white folks almost non-stop.

    My lover is from Bed-Stuy, he’s Black, and almost every week I hear stories of children of people he grew up with whose life was taken in tragedy. Often, his stories are far more newsworthy than the story from Portugal.

    I believe the media is trying to prevent Americans from vacationing and spending money overseas. It’s the only thing I can think of when I recount all the “Breaking News” reports on Anna Nicole that I’ve been forced to sit through.

    Nice rant.

  5. nancy Says:

    I think that your all over reacting here and missing the whole crux of the event. It’s the British media who have decended upon the Algarve and are causing such a massive stir worldwide. I know that any other nationality would not be as obsessed with a case like this. We had a missing blonde haired blued eyed little boy in Ireland about 3 years ago. He did not feature in the news and newspapers everday. He got a mentioned in the british news but not for long.

    The point I’m trying to make here is that this incident happened away from Britian outside of jurisidiction. The judical law is different and the way the case is handle is quite different. It makes sensational news and sensational profits for Sky News and the Media. It’s a good conversation starter anywhere you go these days. I know that the missing case of Madeleine McCann is mentioned now and again here in Ireland which is right next door and that Spain have given little or no attention to the missing child’s plight.

    As regards the parents, yes they did wrong by living 3 babies on their own in an apartment in a strange country but we all make the wrong decisions in life sometimes and god knows those poor people are paying for it now and may (hopefully not) be paying for it for the rest of their lives. I’m sure if everything turns out hairy with the case they’ll will have everyday of the rest of their lives to think about where they went wrong so give them a break please!!! They were nearing the end of their summer break. All their friends were most probably doing the same as them i.e. leaving the kiddies unattended while they dined in the nearby cafe. After a week and a half in the resort i’m sure they got a sense of confidence and secuirty in their surroundings. What happened is quite unusual you know – it doesnt happen everyday and that’s for sure. The last thing you would expect would be for your child to be snatched. There was a higher risk of their plane going down than their baby to be taken away from them.

    What amazes me in situations like so is how everyone (all of a sudden) becomes perfectionists in life. Get real will you and show a bit of goodness afterall there’s been enough sinster behaviour already.


  6. Just Jock Says:

    Nancy: There is absolutely NO reason for a family to leave SMALL children alone, for any amount of time. I fail to see how that makes me a perfectionist. It does, however, make me a skeptic.

    It’s the same old crap, over and over: “I only took my eyes of them for a few seconds. I have no idea how they ended up in the pool” or a bucket of lysol, or any number of excuses. And that is just what they are…excuses. There is enough education out there that there is no reason for this kind of thing happening. If you’re well-off enough to take a vacation to a foreign country, you’re sure as hell able to pay for a babysitter.

  7. Just Jock Says:

    oh, and I don’t know where YOU live, but in my neck of the woods, this sort of thing happens ALL the time. children left in cars to die a sweltering death while mama drinks herself comatose in a bar, or goes shopping. christ, it’s about time someone took the blame for their own actions.

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